Life – and all that comes with it!

Mia, Binta, Sybille, Sanaa by Lise sauvage (Make up @zahrahairandmakup, zoyhmua and emma simon)

My brother and I always wanted to escape the village we lived in. Growing up he saw how I was restricted for wearing anything that exposed little bit of my arms or legs (Disclaimer: I have respect for people/religion where everyone has the freedom to choose however they want to dress, whether it is naturists/nudists or any other religion)

I wasn’t born into fashion but I was liberated by it. Hence, I dont design clothes with flowers (trust me, I want to). Clothing conservatively wasn’t the only issue. Fashion was immoral and I immodest.

I design stories lived by my brother, myself and the women I know. I design life and all that comes with it.

I design hope and how beautiful life is and can be for some people.

I will tell you my business plan now and promise that I will try to fulfil it with all your support.

  • I want to open 2 ateliers/studios – one in India and other in France.
  • I want to approach women/lgbtq members/people with special abilities to train them in India and France and make them independent.
  • Teach them different languages so they have more opportunities even if they don’t want to work with me and learn with them.
  • In India, do my production by these magnificent people and up-cycle them by the magnificent people in France. Thus, following a circular fashion. (copyrighted idea but if someone will help people and environment, be my guest to follow this model;P)

Recently I am at Saint Tropez (South of France) while writing this blog and want to start selling soon (PS: I sell customised clothes currently, if anyone is interested, please use the contact form, you’ll get a very dedicated service)

If you like my ideas, who I am, where I have come from and where I am going, you can always be a part of this family and dress in Akshita Bhardwaj and I will make sure to invest that money in helping our world and make it more beautiful.

Also, if anyone who has a lot of money to invest, always welcome 😀